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Two Sides - poem by Michele Parnell

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Michele shares the following poem with her team every so often, as a reminder of how important it is to stay for the full visit time, stopping to chat with clients wherever possible:

Wow! Look at all the calls we have tonight,

10/ 11 back to back, that can`t be right!

We`ll rush them through and cut them down,

As long as they`re done, no-one will frown,

Ten minutes here, five minutes there,

It won`t make a difference because we care,

Hello, let`s have you in bed, goodnight,

An early finish but everything`s done, so that makes it alright.

My carers popped in to see me tonight,

Rushing round, they never asked if I was alright,

A quick spruce up and into my bed,

I can`t remember anything they said,

So here I am laid here for the night,

Waiting for the morning`s bright sunlight,

I wonder if they`ll have time to chat to me?

I suppose it depends if they`re busy, I’ll have to wait and see,

I love to hear all of their tales and,

To feel included, be part of their plans,

But for tonight they`ve been and they`ve gone,

So all I have left is a night that is long.

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