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True hourly pay

Homecare Workers' Group empowers domiciliary care workers with information about their true hourly rate of pay once unpaid travel time has been taken into account.

Are you paid for the time you spend travelling between clients? 

 (Mileage doesn't count - this is about payment for your time at work, not reimbursing you for fuel)

Approximately 75% of homecare workers in England are not paid for the time they spend travelling from one care visit to the next, despite the fact it legally counts as working time.


As long as your true hourly rate of pay does not fall below the National Minimum Wage once travel time has been taken into account, your employer is legally in the clear. Many employers top up wages each time they do payroll to ensure staff are paid the National Minimum Wage. However, there is evidence to suggest that non-compliance is widespread and that HMRC is not taking enforcement action against homecare employers who are illegally paying their staff below the National Minimum Wage as a result of unpaid travel time.

One good employer cannot be expected to lower their contracted rate of pay to a realistic level in order to start paying travel time, because they would then lose prospective staff to competitors who continue to offer a misleadingly high hourly rate. ​

Our ask is for:
Homecare workers to be explicitly paid for their in-work travel time.  

This would involve employers lowering their contracted rates of pay to a realistic level such that there would be little if any impact on staffing costs and the end cost of care. 

This will:

1. Ensure pay transparency for England's 625,000 home care workers, improving retention within the workforce

2. Highlight cases where employers are paying illegally below the National Minimum Wage to put an end to this practice

3. Provide a starting point for productive conversations about low pay for homecare workers (if people think we are paid £14/hour, they don't recognise an issue in the first place)

We will calculate your true hourly pay

Homecare Workers' Group offers to calculate the true hourly pay for a given shift free of charge for all homecare workers and domiciliary care providers in England.

Care providers

We are happy to run the true hourly pay calculation for domiciliary care providers and take a non-judgemental approach to this.  This is because we know that non-payment of travel time is the norm and that there is a genuine lack of awareness among care providers about working time obligations in respect of travel time. We also appreciate the financial pressures facing many care providers.  We therefore wish to engage with care providers as well as workers at a grassroots level to raise awareness about the extent of the challenges facing social care in England.  We welcome your input and support to this end.

Example true hourly pay report

True hourly pay screenshot 1.PNG
True hourly pay screenshot 2.PNG

Submit this form to find out your true hourly pay

Please enter the start and end times of at least three visits in the spaces below (e.g. 07:00-07:30, 07:35-08:05, 08:15-09:00)

Many thanks for submitting the form. We will email you a True Hourly Pay report as soon as possible.


Please note that Homecare Workers’ Group is run on a voluntary basis so we appreciate your patience. We aim to respond to every enquiry within seven days. 

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